Reform Letters Go Public

Jim_Jackson-276x300More than five years ago, the genesis for this website began when three long-term, Scientologist lawyers confabbed in an attempt to calm the media onslaught against the church brought on by the publication of Truth Rundown.

One of the three was Jim Jackson (pictured).

Obviously, we agreed, the allegations being slung against David Miscavige by former high-ranking Sea Org members and international executives needed to be investigated. The wrong solution was to attack the whistleblowers – their rightful label, not liars and criminals as they were being called by Church officials.

We found support in Scientology policy, too. Committees of Evidence. So we decided to write a letter to top Scientology officials and church lawyers. Jackson bravely volunteered his letterhead and signature.

The only problem with our approach, we later discovered, was that the convening authority for worldwide matters, the Executive Director International, Guillaume Lesevre, had allegedly been taken off post and banished to a prison-like facility at the International Base near Hemet, California by David Miscavige.

If true, it meant that Miscavige was beyond the reach of Scientology ethics and justice codes and had no ecclesiastical oversight.

Next question: What about secular law? Boards of directors of nonprofit religious corporations were (and are) required by law to exert ultimate oversight over corporate affairs.

This led to a research project into the corporate governing structure of Scientology, and to more letters. Six in total.

The letters were published today by the Tampa Bay Times as an addendum to its story about Jim Jackson and his reform activities. Tampa Bay Times Article. Reform Letters.

The letters were ignored. We then published the findings of our research project on this website.

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4 Responses to Reform Letters Go Public

  1. occupied clearwater says:

    I think nothing can change until Miscavige dies, but that probably won’t be for 25 years. I feel really sorry for the Sea Orgers. They are facing some very dark decades.

  2. 1984 says:

    As for the letters sent to the church by Jim Jackson, the silent response is quite deafening.
    (Also, amazing how close LRH policy aligns with corporate law.)

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