Penn State Got It Right; Why Can’t We?

Fellow Scientologists. Have you been on the Internet lately? Turned on the TV? Listened to talk radio? Read the newspapers? Talked candidly to a non-Scientologist?

If so, then you know that the already-bad PR on Scientology has worsened, and that the Church’s continued response is one of categorical denial, labeling its critics as liars and apostates.

Same strategy. Same result. More defections. More corroboration of the original charges:

Human rights abuses at Int Base: beatings, degradation, even torture;

International Exec Strata personnel imprisoned in “the Hole;”

Families torn apart through the policy of disconnection;

A declared mother prevented from viewing her son’s dead body or attending a memorial service; and so on.

There is a solution. Penn State got it right. Why can’t we?

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Scientology In Crisis

“These are the times that try men’s souls: The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.”

Thomas Paine Portrait

This is the famous opening line from the first pamphlet of a series entitled The American Crisis published from 1776 to 1783 during the American Revolution by Thomas Paine. Today, Scientology is in crisis.

An ever-growing chorus from long time former Sea Org members and upper level executives allege that David Miscavige has eliminated checks and balances called for by its Founder, L. Ron Hubbard, and has beaten international executives and subjected them to inhumane treatment. Media and governmental bodies are rightfully taking up the stories.

An independent internal investigation, which we have called for repeatedly, would immediately resolve these very serious and damaging charges. Rather than confront the accusations, however, the Miscavige administration continues to attack and label the whistleblowers “liars,” “defrocked apostates,” “suppressive persons,” and other derogatory terms, thereby holding the allegations in suspension and further dividing the Scientology community in addition to harming our message to the world and distancing us from the general public.

Obviously the administration is not handling the situation. Far from it, these actions tend to prove that Miscavige is guilty of the abuses he is charged with and that he operates unchecked.

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Action Series 5: Management By LRH Statistics

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The word “Camelot” is sometimes used to refer admiringly to a bygone era of potential and promise for the future.

Camelot is a castle and court associated with the legendary King Arthur. Although the subject of many tales for hundreds of years, including blockbuster plays and a film in modern times, its location and authenticity have never been established.

In the stage and film versions, the reign of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table were brought down by Mordred who sought the throne for himself. Unaware of Mordred’s intentions, King Arthur put Mordred in charge of the knights’ training program.

Has a similar fate befallen Scientology?

Many Scientologists remember their orgs or mission course rooms and auditing centers filled with students and preclears in the 1970s and 1980s. Now, most of them are empty. To the extent there are students, they are mainly studying “Basics” books and lectures, not training to be auditors.

To borrow lines from Camelot the musical’s theme song, as sung in the final scene, was the period prior to LRH’s death Scientology’s “fleeting wisp of glory?” Our “one brief shining moment?”

The answer is, yes. Unless we demand of our leaders management based on statistics as given by LRH, and judge them, and the expansion/decline of Scientology, based solely on those statistics, brushing aside all PR, opinion and explanations. Continue reading

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