Introducing Religious Liberty League

Religious Liberty League-01 (300 x 179)Religious Liberty League is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization. It’s original purpose was to fund the activities That purpose was later expanded to engage in its own activities and   have its own identity and presence on the Internet. will remain in place as a source of information regarding LRH Intent for the governance of Scientology organizations. It will no longer publish articles

on this blog or engage in action plans to bring the churches of Scientology into alignment with the religion of Scientology, however.

Please visit Religious Liberty League’s new website, bookmark it and sign up for its newsletter. Join its Facebook page, too.

We have some exciting plans and information you won’t want to miss if you have any interest in salvaging the materials and religion of Scientology!

We welcome your support!


We apologize to our readers for our long-term (public) inactivity.

It became apparent to us more than two years ago that we would not be effective unless the individuals behind this site went public. As you will see on this site’s About Us page, we began this venture anonymously.

The road to write and publish the book, Arrows in the Dark, which is your administrator’s story, took longer than expected. It also took a few side turns. The book reveals, among other things, the efforts of three long-term Scientologist lawyers to obtain reform internally through letters written to appropriate church terminals and lawyers.

Only when it became clear that the situation we tried to address could not be handled internally did we take our information public with the creation of

As we mentioned in our most recent article, Jim Jackson, whose letterhead the letters were printed on, recently released them as part of his interview with the Tampa Bay Times. They can be viewed here.

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4 Responses to Introducing Religious Liberty League

  1. div6er says:

    Please post an update, we want to know how the struggle for religious freedom is advancing! Upstat/downstat? Please let it be the former, we could use some good news in the summer of 2016!

    • religio2 says:

      I have no updates to give on FICofS. As I indicated in my most recent post, I relinquished my temporary positions in that organization. We here at RLL refer all email questions and interest about obtaining an FICofS charter to operate as a mission/church to FICofS. Feedback from the release of the FICofS grade chart was very strong. We see a substantial increase in both delivery and receiving services (training and auditing). The biggest gains, and results, are occurring with the Upper Levels. Not surprising because this part of the bridge is the most altered by the Miscavige regime. We do not see a huge desire to organize, however. A lot of individuals and Ma and Pa operations. How and whether it will evolve into one or more effective central organizations is unknown.

  2. Andreas, Switzerland says:

    I appreciate any effort to get rid of the SP David Miscavige, but before you promote CST as the solution, you should read this work of other former Guardian Office staff:

    much love

    • religio2 says:

      Normally I don’t post comments containing disinformation but I occasionally get this Emory Meade conspiracy theory and thought I would make an exception and publicly address it once. This one is possibly the biggest load of horse manure relating to the church of Scientology floating in cyber space. Emory was brought in as a consultant to ensure the best chance of obtaining tax-exempt status during the corporate reorganization of Scientology. That’s the extent of his involvement. He did not create CST (Church of Spiritual Technology). He did not assume ANY corporate powers. Nonprofit corporations are legally controlled by their boards of directors, and Emory NEVER sat on any board.

      Of course, as with all disinformation, the Meade Emory fake news will find a home in some feeble minds and become so embedded there that this reply, or a lengthier dissertation that picks apart every false statement and innuendo in it, plus a stick of dynamite will not disturb it. Similarly, those who peddle the disinformation will keep peddling it for whatever twisted motives they have, be it a troll getting his kicks or an agent provocateur doing his/her job.

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