David Miscavige & The Independent Movement, Part III

Since Part II of this series was published, a new wave of reports of alleged illegal or unethical behavior by David Miscavige and the Miscavige administration has spread across the major media – newspapers, television, radio, etc. The new reports have gone viral on the Internet, further damaging the images of David Miscavige, Tom Cruise, and the Church.

Cover, New Yorker This latest wave was set in motion by a 28-page feature article in one of America’s most reputable magazines, The New Yorker.[1] In the article, a report that the FBI is investigating charges of human trafficking at the International Base of Scientology in Hemet, CA spun off into its own viral wave on the Internet.[2] Charges that Miscavige ordered the use of substantial Sea Org labor to cater to Tom Cruise’s personal, material affairs (such as the creation of a ultra luxury limousine) unleashed yet a third wave.[3]

When Church spokesman Tommy Davis attempted to minimize the private benefit to Cruise from the work of nonprofit, tax-exempt employees, the whistleblowers immediately published photographs and an eyewitness account rebutting the denials.[4]

And so the beat goes on.

These are the real world consequences to the continuation of an attempt to shift responsibility. The Miscavige administration needs to stop blaming the whistleblowers and get in front of the story, or risk government intervention from either the FBI or the IRS. Seizure of assets and revocation of tax exempt status are two of the legal sledge hammers these agencies wield. Not to mention the PR of the Church of Scientology, and of its members, suffers every time the Miscavige administration fails to admit any wrong and attempts to blame others.

How Corporate America Handles Whistleblowers

Uncovering fraud and corruption within organizations is a long-standing problem, dating back at least to the American Civil War when unscrupulous companies sold the Union Army defective rifles, lame horses, and useless ammunition. The major hurdle to uncovering the criminality is lack of access to evidence. Those with the greatest access to inside information are employees. In the private sector, which has to file tax and other annual reports, regulators also have limited access. But even there, a recent study found that more corporate fraud was found by whistleblowers than regulators.[5]

Corporate Corruption Graveyard

Corporate Corruption Graveyard

Realizing this in 1863, Abraham Lincoln pushed through Congress a law that rewarded whistleblowers for reporting and recovering fraud. The law, known today as the False Claims Act [6] was later gutted and rendered ineffective in the 1940s, but then was amended with real teeth in 1986.

The whistleblower became the bane of corrupt corporations, which at first attacked them unmercifully, branding them as disgruntled employees and liars, and unleashed upon them private investigators to uncover every personal flaw of the whistleblower, which the corporations then flaunted as proof of their low characters and why their allegations should be ignored.

That worked, to a certain extent… until the whistleblower weathered the storm and got in front of a jury. And then it backfired horrifically. The financial and PR consequences of the corporations’ attempts to cover up their wrong doing, by attacking their whistleblowers, was catastrophic. Many large defense contractors went out of business in the late 1980s and 1990s. And more recently, a wave of corporate scandals resulted in extensive litigation and the demise of once-powerful corporate brands. Among the more prominent of this wave were Enron, Arthur Andersen, Tyco International, Adelphia, Worldcom, Global Crossing, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, and HealthSouth.

This latest wave of scandals prompted Congress to pass the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, which toughened the penalties for abuses against whistleblowers and for destruction of documents, which apply to all corporations, even nonprofit religious corporations, among other features which apply only to publicly-held, private corporations.[7]

Corporate America eventually learned to discard the “deny everything, attack the whistleblower” strategy, and developed a protocol for whistleblower claims of corruption, which is basically this:

● Don’t attack the whistleblowers;

● Immediately launch an internal investigation headed by reputable professionals and persons who are neither implicated in the wrongdoing or subordinate to those who are;

● Announce the results of the investigation;

● Publicly discipline those responsible for wrongdoing; and

● Put in place and publicly announce internal mechanisms to prevent the recurrence of unethical behavior.

Not surprisingly, this protocol parallels the Danger Formula developed by LRH.

Conducting an independent, internal investigation of matters under scrutiny by the government is a key component of any response strategy, and can even head off investigations or satisfy a court that harsh penalties, such as seizure of assets or revocation of tax-exempt status, are not warranted.

Imagine for a moment how different the current situation would have gone if, rather than attacking Marty Rathbun after the publishing of The Truth Rundown [8], the boards of CST had announced an internal investigation into the charges headed by highly reputable professionals completely independent of David Miscavige.

The First Line of Defense

Having strong ethical values is the first line of defense, according to Harold Tinkler, the Chief Ethics Officer at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu International, the corporate accounting and consulting firm. Here is what Mr. Tinkler says are the three essential elements to any ethics program:

Ultimately, creating an ethical culture comes down to company leadership and its ability to convey, through their actions and examples, the right way to do things. Second comes “controls” —a system of checks and balances that safeguards the integrity, not only of financial and operating data, but of employee behavior at all levels. All intra and extra-company dealings have to be guided by ethically-driven protocols. Third, ethical abuses must have tangible “consequences.” People must be held “accountable” for their behavior.

These elements were also recognized by LRH, who created a system of checks and balances to go into effect and safeguard Scientology after his death. See: LRH Intent. He also set up an ethics and justice system to guide executives and staff and hold each and everyone accountable for their behavior. The system includes a Watchdog Committee (no longer functioning), and International Execcutive Strata (gone), and a convening authority for worldwide matters, ED International (banished to “the Hole” at Int Base, according to multiple eyewitness reports from people who were in a position to know). See: Existing Scene.

Miscavige is accountable to no one within the organization. LRH’s system of checks and balances was never implemented. CST has been relegated to a lower-level echelon, its general directors and trustees appointed by Miscavige, its officers also selected and run by Miscavige.

At the top of Scientology’s governing structure, there is no first line of defense.

Seven Signs of Ethical Collapse

Nonprofit religious corporations have their own types of corrupt practices, mostly involving private benefit by its leaders and top donors – what IRS regulations call “disqualified persons” – and physical and emotional abuses of its members. Because churches are un-regulated and do not have to file annual reports, an additional hurdle for reform exists. Outsiders have little ready access to evidence of internal affairs. Therefore, unless the religious entity has in place reliable internal mechanisms for self-investigation and correction, the only way for corruption to be uncovered is through employees who are willing to endure personal attacks and ostracism by their coreligionists – and blow the whistle.

According to a leading law firm that specializes in corporate corruption, the seven signs of ethical collapse are (paraphrased):

• Pressure to maintain production statistics

• Fear to speak up

• Young, impressionable staff & a bigger than life CEO

• A weak board

• Cultures of conflicts of interest & mutual benefit

• Innovation like no other – an arrogant law of success

• Goodness in some areas atones for evil in others. [9]

Scientologists will immediately recognize the pressure for statistics, and the bigger than life CEO surrounded by young staff. They may also see in Miscavige the arrogant law of success (tax exempt status obtained, best friend Tom Cruise, grand buildings, a billion dollar IAS fund, and LRH materials released in high quality CDs and books). Certainly, goodness abounds in some areas. People are still being introduced to LRH technology and gaining states of spiritual awareness not previously dreamed of.

Those who have bravely (why should bravery be required?) put on their Keeping Scientology Working (KSW) hats and informed themselves, through this website and others, will also recognize in allegations leveled by sources who were in a position to know, that fear and silence exist at the highest levels; not just weak boards but non-existent ones, mere rubber stamps for Miscavige’s will; and a culture of conflicts of interest & mutual benefit – although quite limited in scope to Miscavige, his lawyers (including the Special Directors of CST), and Tom Cruise.

(By the way, a statement attributed to David Miscavige by Batangas Today [10], attempts to justify the use of Sea Org labor to benefit Tom Cruise because Tom has given so much to Scientology. If true, Miscavige doesn’t get it. It is because Tom has given so much that he is, under IRS regulations, a “disqualified person” who is not entitled to receive private benefit. Special rules exist that are designed to prevent disqualified persons from receiving private benefits from tax-exempt organizations, which are supposed to operate solely for public benefit.[11] We will elaborate on this in an upcoming article covering the risk of revocation of tax-exempt status.)

PR Tech Correctly Applied

Included in PR technology is the need to be in ARC (Affinity-Reality-Communication = Understanding) with the general public, and to “set policy” “if lacking” in order to make the Church’s “actions or products known, accepted and understood.” [11] (PR Series 5, PR DEFINITION.)

“What is the R [Reality] of another or others? This involves SURVEYS.” [12]

The alleged physical and mental abuses of its members by a Church – or by any organization – violates public Reality. Whether the beatings occurred by the leader or his top lieutenants is really beside the point since it happened under the leader’s watch.

Under similar situations, many corporations would immediately replace the top executive regardless of who did the beatings. To continue to operate as if nothing was done wrong by the administration and its top staff continues to invite more attacks and causes greater loss of credibility, until at last there will be complete public abandonment, governmental intervention, and a large, splintered field.

In our opinion, a survey of the general public will reveal that its “Reality” is that Mr. Miscavige is responsible for the beatings; that he rules by intimidation and domination, which we know are traits, not of a good leader, but of a person at tone 1.5 (anger) on the tone scale. If this is the case, then to further blame and castigate the whistleblowers, calling them liars and apostates (a false label in most cases), will only serve to worsen our PR image and credibility, driving away all but the most ardent and invested supporters, and ultimately will force governmental intervention.

One should “NEVER USE LIES IN PR,” according to LRH policy. “All the lies will dead end some day.” (Emphasis in original; PR Series 2).

Only a meaningful internal, independent investigation can enable the Church to get in front of the story and begin to rehabilitate its image and restore its credibility.

This can likely only occur with the implementation of LRH’s intention for the change in governance of Scientology after his departure – a change from one-man rule to a three corporation system, with seven boards. This system expresses the checks and balances envisioned by LRH. The checks and balances would be effected by fully hatted, independent board members who are not subject to domination, interference, threat or duress by any person. We would thereby have fully functioning boards, as LRH mandated, and all executives would be subject to and held accountable by LRH ethics and justice policies, with no one being above policy or correction.

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[11] For a layman’s explanation, see:
For a legal definition, see ¶ 332.2 at:

[12] PR Series 5, PR DEFINITION.


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28 Responses to David Miscavige & The Independent Movement, Part III

  1. Seeking As Isness says:

    I just read Part III and words alone cannot express enough my gratitude for your research and dedication to putting forth the truth and posting a workable solution to save scientology for the future of mankind.

    Thank You,

  2. Joel says:

    I generally agree with these points. I realized how powerful the material from LRH is, but also had to realize, that Scn admin went into a wrong direction.
    An inevitable change will come, the sooner the better.

  3. Jim Logan says:

    I’m with SAI. Ditto. I felt the charge dissipate, as I saw what is, compared to what should be.

    Beautiful job. Thank you sincerely.

  4. Nightmares Getting Less says:

    Excellent Article, and such a well laid historical portrayal of E/S’s on the chain of whistleblower’s. Thx. Keep up the good work.

  5. Sapere Aude says:

    Thank you for a congent educated summation. You have very effectively included the LRH references and the rules and laws of the land references to the situation. To fully understand the situation and confront it is the first step in the handling. All who read and duplicate this help start down that road to handling. Then, we can have the organization structure LRH intended for all of Scientology and its adherents to flourish and prosper.

  6. Alex Braverman says:

    A very well written, backed with source, article on the corruption within the Church of Scientology.
    A must read for every Scientologist on the planet.
    Thank you for speaking the truth,

  7. Do you think Tommy Davis should be also repaced by another spokeman? The pubic opinion of him is really low, because once you’ve lied on national TV, your reputation is ruined for good,that’s the way it works

    • admin says:

      We think that the church should implement LRH’s intention for the governance of Scientology organizations. Once the boards are functioning properly, they should select officers and Admin policy should be used to manage the organizations. Your question is a management issue, which is beyond the scope of our mission statement.

  8. OK.I got that. You’right about DM disrespecting LRH’s will.
    If everything you wrote here, you really mean it,you’re guys are doing a good job by increasing the awereness.
    I do agree with about 95 % of everything that is written here but here is the catch!!!!!!!
    “In fact, if you have evidence relevant to the subject of this website in the form of documentation or a statement about something you personally witnessed, we encourage you to provide it to us”
    This above mentioned thing freaked me out. Sorry for saying that, but how do people know you’re not OSA?
    I don’t mean to disrespect you but how do people know that
    your intentions are not use their reports to create more SP decares and cause more disconnections and ethics handlings?
    You don’t provide your names, just like annons do and when you say “we”, who are “we” ? How many people are out there running this website and who is admin?
    These days is very hard to stay in the good standing and still keep personal integrity.Some scientoogists (no matter if they are still under radar or on independent field have trust issues (mostly those who experienced forced disconnection, long RPF and lots of sec checking)That creates type 3 PTSness and makes people see OSAs everywhere.
    So, how would people know that this is not one of B1 Operatives?
    Again, sorry for writing that, just asking..

    • admin says:

      Yes, DM is probably wondering the same thing. Who are those guys? One of my “B1” operatives? My Legal Director?

      Seriously, though. Good point. But these are the times we live in. To quote George Orwell, accurately I hope: “In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” If we are who we purport to be, and our purpose as stated, we can’t reveal ourselves or the details of our investigation, now can we?

      In any event, we won’t – and you can’t make us. : )

      Hopefully you take from our site the information about LRH’s intent, which is documented, and what we say about the findings of our investigation, which you can test for yourself by comparing it to your own observations and by trying to find exceptions or contradictions, and take from the articles the ideas we present.

      Do that, spread the word, and we will achieve our purpose.

  9. Once again, thanks for another excellent article – greatly enjoyed and appreciated. I fully support and endorse the comments above, validating the clarity of your exposition, my friend. Now, here’s the tough question:
    How do we install the correct and appropriate directors to the various boards in the corporate structure? That is, how do we actually implement your proposed programme of changes, to bring about an ethical and effective management of the Church of Scientology?
    In a commercial corporation, the organisation would be owned by shareholders, who have the right to appoint directors, as they see fit. In this situation, there are no shareholders, since previously everything was in effect owned by LRH – and Miscavige has usurped both his position and his assets. No way Miscavige is now going to appoint the proper complement of qualified and competent directors, whose first action would almost certainly be to convene a Comm Ev on him!
    I totally agree with you that we need to get ‘in front of the story’ – but how do you see this happening, please? The most likely way would be to launch a legal challenge through the Courts, in conjunction perhaps with criminal proceedings; but such legal manoeuvres cost hundreds of thousands – how could we raise the funding for this initiative? No doubt, you have given this some thought – I look forward very much to your comments in return.
    Keep up the good work!
    Warmest regards, Robin

    • admin says:

      Hopefully, reason will prevail and the boards will be reconstituted with qualified persons who are either untainted by the current situation or who have been cleaned up by the application of standard qual, ethics, justice (if necessary) and tech.

      In nonprofit organizations, the Attorney General of (for these corporations) California has the equivalent power of shareholders in private companies. A legal action, however, can take various forms and does not necessarily have to originate by the A/G.

      As in a chess game, the possibilities for an end game depend on what happens during the opening and middle games. Yes, we have thought all this through, but are unwilling to publicly discuss more. We are operating on gradients. We are currently on a bypass of internal channels, which didn’t work. We appeal to other Scientologists with reason. We appeal to other Scientologists, Sea Org members, board members, DM himself, etc. to put on their hats, open their eyes, look don’t listen, and do the right thing. Fix it with Scientology. Institute the checks and balances LRH intended. Conduct an internal, independent investigation.

      Our loyalty is to LRH’s aims of Scientology and writings and lectures, not to DM. The only valid “command intention” is that of LRH. The only person to whom a Simon Bolivar flow of power should go is to LRH, not DM. Eloquent statements by DM at events should not be substitutes for LRH policy and tech. Unbelievably this statement apparently has to be made less than 25 years after LRH’s departure.

  10. Jewel says:

    I really appreciate and admire this website as it cuts to the chase as to why some of us are so intent on seeing the tech preserved and getting the out ethics terminal(s)out of control. It is a challenge to get people to see or even hear what sounds like “enemy line” and if I can get thier ear, then they still have a problem with going to Marty’s website, which I think is great. This website is good in that it has the most basic facts of the matter and the fact that there is a lack of personal information is good in this respect.
    I especially like the article discussing the difference between using ones religion and belonging to a chruch. It is apparant in all religions that there are those who “go to church” and those who internalize the teachings. Of course it is possible to do both, but the application is the priority. I did the New Civilation Course years ago, and the intent that LRH had was to “just do it” (like the Nike Commercial!) and don’t even worry about telling them it is Scientology (regarding helping people). I have heard a lot of people saying negative things about “organized religion” and I use to think, what is the choice, “unorganized religon”, but now I see the pitfalls when a church won’t qual itself or get it in ethics. What has always bothered me is that one takes courses and then if one wants to apply the info in business or in life by auditing or even giving tech to someone, one is supposed to belong to WISE (a joke in my opinion if one is even slightly trained) or one of the groups and pay money when in fact the group does nothing for the person and if one needs help,then money has to be paid as in the case for WISE consultation.
    It isn’t easy to get people to look. I have two kids on staff and I have been pretty overt about my opinions. He is upset but I am going to persist with the correct LRH, not to get him to quit, but to get his awareness and havingness up on the idea of getting what I call a 360 degree viewpoint. I hate that staff have only one viewpoint and refuse to even consider any other about Scientology. It goes against the tenets of Scientology, but they can’t see. There is no ability to see the need for correction.
    Questions: The LRH quote about fundraising comes from what policy letter? I forgot and it is the one that I wanted to have my son read. Also, the one about the buildings being important. I didn’t see a citation number.

    • admin says:

      Jewel, you will find the references in the end notes at the end of the article. I believe you are talking about the quotes given in the second article, Part I of the DM & Indie Movement series. If so, please refer to notes 9 and 10 of that article.

  11. Mat Pesch says:

    Excellent write up!

    Miscavige is like a tricky little cancer or parasite. Its removed the immune system and while it destroys the mind and muscle of the host, it builds up useless fat (money and property). It promotes the fat in order to misdirect the negative effects it is creating on the host.

  12. Nice work on making the relationships between CST, RTC, and CSI clear.

    The information has existed on the Internet for some time, but you have organized it in a way that can be easily comprehended. Excellent work with the colored highlighting, by the way.

    Putting this information out in this manner allows all Scientologists to see what is going on and draw their own conclusions. I consider that you have achieved what you set out in your Mission Statement:

    “To Inform the Scientology community about LRH’s intentions when he established the corporate and governing structure of Scientology organizations shortly before his departure and during the process of writing up and turning over his hats, and to expose the fact that safeguards put in place by LRH have been unmocked, his intentions betrayed and dishonored.”

    Like Leo X, David Miscavige refuses to acknowledge the unethical situations in which his church was involved. Indeed, Miscavige is too arrogant and all-powerful to entertain any sort of criticism from mere staff and parishioners. Like Leo X, David Miscavige has so thoroughly cowed the executives in the Church of Scientology, that reform from within is highly unlikely while Miscavaige retains any scrap of influence in the church.

    The independent groups that practice standard scientology will not meekly be put back under control of a church that violates human rights at every turn and turns a blind eye to the excesses and wrongdoings of its management.

    When the church of Scientology has been corrected by the US government and other governments with the result that Miscavige and his cohorts are in jail or have fled to Venezuela, then there is a slight possibility that some loyal staff members will have a chance to actually reform the COS.

    At that point, the independent Scientologists in the field may consider granting an amnesty to the Church of Scientology an allow it to co-exist with the independent field.

    One of the conditions will probably be the complete dissolution of the paramilitary organization known as the Sea Org.

    The more likely situation is that beings going free outside the church will never agree to re-experience the cult mindset and will expand independent services in all directions from here on out.

    Best regards,

    David St Lawrence
    Grad V, OT7
    Delivering auditing for 23 years

    • admin says:

      You may be right. It might be too late to mend the rift. Obviously, you have some hard feelings. Others do, too. On both sides. But the tech can do wonders, so we haven’t given up. For the independent movement to work, and the tech to remain standard, it must have a strong central org. Do you agree on that?

      • Thanks for your prompt response. Actually, I handled my hard feelings by coming to terms with the fact that I had ignored the danger signs for at least 15 years. I came up through the conditions while writing my possibly helpful advice blog and helping others to recover from their church experiences.

        The tech can do wonders, and I prove that almost every day to the satisfaction of my preclears. Do not give up in your endeavors.

        As for your comment: “For the independent movement to work, and the tech to remain standard, it must have a strong central org.” I say absolutely not!

        Having spent 55 years in high tech corporations, I have certainty that open source is not the spawn of the devil as it takes advantage of the shared experiences of people who have actually USED technology to improve it. 🙂

        A top-down organization cannot compete with a distributed intelligence as is found on the internet today. I am encouraging practitioners to fill in the gaps in Miscavige technology by submitting articles to the Workable Technology Forum: http://possiblyhelpfuladvice.com/simplemachinesforum/

        This is just one of many efforts to create workable technology out of the chaos that Miscavige has created. There will be more.

        Thank you for what you are doing.

        • Dave Adams says:

          I tend to agree with both “admin” and Mr St Lawrence here.

          The centralization of power was the point that control of Scientology was seized from. And from there power and control overrode the goals the organization was formed to pursue.

          But too there are advantages to organized group efforts.

          My hope is that after the current leadership is removed, some sort of representative system will be put in place.

          Currently all org and missions are separately incorporated entities, and I would like to see a system where each and all have a say in the operation of the larger umbrella organizations.

          Advisory councils at the local levels sending a representative to the decision making body at the next higher level, and so on up to the WDC level. And that there be TRAINING and case level requirements strictly imposed for the representatives.

          In fact the whole current system of CST/RTC could be brought down if the CST charter requirements were enforced for the required level of training.

          I am generally wary of “collective” leadership, but the current situation seems to indicate that the power needs to be spread out a bit more than it is.


  13. Yuiya Keaton says:

    Independent field have lots of auditors that aply standard tech and doing just fine.Pease expain why do they need strong central org

    • admin says:

      We will address this in a future article that we previously sketched, then put on the back burner due to more immediate things to say first. This is an important point, goes to the heart of our approach, and I don’t want to deal with it off the top of my head.

    • Dave Adams says:

      Ok, say you are an independent field auditor, just a guy/girl with a meter, training and a quiet room…who does the exam? Is there a C/S available? And the service of a Qual Dept for crams? And who answers the phone while he/she is in session?

      There is a case for a group.

      Now say you have a bunch of groups, who monitors the standardness of the tech, handles the common legal problems, helps provide skill sets beyond what struggling local operations have?

      There is a case for a more centralized umbrella organization.

      Should it be strong, as in competent and dynamic? YES! Should it be strong as in authoritarian and controlling beyond any need? NO.

      Scientology is such a young religion. I think we can figure out how to have a strong multilayered group, without the problems we now have.

      I would hate to see the idea of working together in an organized fashion be discarded because we tried it and failed once.

      IMO of course


  14. The Believer says:

    I guess, that is really the BASIC thing to handle.

    Hopefully the Independent Field can creat a movement, which forces the “normal blind” church-Scientologist to wake up, start looking instead of listening and then CONFRONTING.

    What you write does make completely sense to me. LRH never intended a scientologist to live in fear – a state what is considered as normal in todays church.Scientologists lifes.

    I know, what I am observed – and noone can get that away from me.

    The Believer


  15. De-Charging says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have been struggling with doing a Doubt Formula for a long time now. This site was the missing ingredient I needed in order to make a decision.

    I am so pleased to see an Independent site that is not filled with vitriol and finger pointing, but rather high ARC. This site, to me, is what scientology is all about.

    Very well done on your suggestions for how to handle the problem.

    Funny, but when I was doing my Doubt Condition, I couldn’t bring myself to want to “attack, harm or suppress” EITHER group. I wanted to help them both, as I realized both DM and the Independent Movement, despite shortcomings on both sides, are trying to forward LRH’s message.

    This is the most sane site/solution I have seen to date. We have the greatest tech on the planet, let’s show the world how well it works to make things right.

    Hopefully DM will go for this–otherwise the Independent Movement will have to put justice in (as it is already doing in its own way) or the government will do it for us.

    Keep up the good work!

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  17. Forrest Crane says:

    Thanks for briefing me on this trial. Looks like this trial is what we have been waiting for. I’ve said this girl was going to kick this runt in a tux butt. He had his butt kicked before by a girl. Come on girls, let’s end this guy.

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