David Miscavige & The Independent Movement, Part II

To date, the Miscavige administration’s attempted handling of Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder and other whistleblowers (and prominent figures in the independent movement) has consisted mainly of bashing them in the media and to Scientologists and running harassment programs on them.

In the broad public media, Miscavige-run PR agents attempt to position the former senior Sea Org members as apostates, liars, and criminals, accusing them of beating subordinates (one of the crimes of which David Miscavige is accused by the whistleblowers). To Scientologists, they are labeled suppressive persons, people not fit to be associated with in any way. Not spoken to, not listened to, and their Internet postings not to be read. Scientologists who violate these prohibitions are themselves reportedly subjected to punitive actions by the Miscavige administration.

To a trained and observant Scientologist, the administration’s attempted handlings are wildly at odds with the writings and lectures of L. Ron Hubbard.

The “WHY” is Not God
The Cause of the Situation Is Internal

Razor-tipped fence at Int Base point inward and outward

Razor-tipped fence at Int Base point inward and outward

Rathbun and many other long-time, senior Sea Org executives have recently left (escaped from, according to some) the worldwide headquarters of the Church, the International Base, in Hemet, California. They have reported that David Miscavige regularly commits unethical acts, some of which are violations of criminal law, including the beating of staff. The Miscavige administration responded to the claims by denying that Mr. Miscavige ever beat anyone, accusing instead his accusers of doing the beatings.

Miscavige administration spokesperson Tommy Davis, in a public statement given last year, confirmed that some fifty beatings have occurred at the INT Base. Tommy and other Miscavige administration representatives do not seem to realize that by confirming such a large number of incidents over the course of years, rather than one or two isolated beatings during a week or two, they have admitted the existence of a culture of violence in the highest management echelon of the Church.

By a “culture of violence,” we mean a group agreement that physically assaulting and abusing Sea Org members is okay. A culture had to exist for the group to permit a second incident, let alone fifty or more. According to LRH:

In a group where members have some concept of controlling their environment and their fellows, you don’t have loafers or out-ethics cats. Because the rest of group, on an individual basis, just won’t tolerate it.[1]

Even if top level officials other than David Miscavige delivered the beatings, several of these executives were David Miscavige’s direct juniors. He appointed them. As their senior he was responsible for managing them. Accordingly, whether David Miscavige himself beat staff, whether he and his juniors both beat staff, or whether his juniors, alone, beat staff, he is responsible for the beatings.[2] Under his leadership, the practice occurred and, at a minimum, he did not put in place mechanisms to detect and prevent the use of violence against some of the most dedicated, hard-working, best-intended people on the planet: Sea Org members.

Obviously, the ethics procedures and safeguards mandated by LRH were not being utilized.

David Miscavige

David Miscavige

This likely is the result of a culture of fear superimposed on top of a culture of violence, which is another claim of the whistleblowers who assert that anyone speaking out against the beatings feared punishment themselves. If true, this points to Miscavige as the source of both the beatings and the climate of fear. Otherwise, Sea Org members would have felt safe in reporting the assaults by his juniors, thereby closing the door to violence.

In any event, the Miscavige administration’s attempt to shift responsibility to David Miscavige’s juniors has not and will not lead to a handling, because it violates basic Scientology principles; it puts Miscavige at “Effect,” rather than “Cause,” of the so-called “Suppressive Persons/Apostates.” (In addition to defying astronomical odds that so many top level international executives who spent decades of their lives devoted to the Church are liars and suppressive persons.)

According to LRH, the WHY of a situation is “that basic outness found which will lead to a recovery of stats.”[3] The independent movement is expanding. More and more parishioners, OTs, ex-staff and Sea Org members are speaking out, and the PR of the church, already at an untenable low point, continues to decline.[4] Obviously, the Miscavige Administration has not found the correct WHY.

Blaming Rathbun or other former senior Sea Org executives who are speaking out is an obvious incorrect WHY. According to LRH, “By believing it is the fault of other divisions or departments [or, in this case, former members], a staff member does not look into his own scene.”[5]

The independent movement is, from one perspective, an ARCXen (i.e., upset) Field, present to an extent not previously seen in Scientology.

LRH is clear on who is responsible for it.

Failure to strenuously act to clean up an ARCXen field shall be deemed a high crime for the Exec Council.[6]

As we point out in the Existing Scene, there is no longer an Exec Council or its equivalent at the international level of Scientology management (in itself, a violation of LRH policy). Reports of the senior Sea Org execs who have escaped from or left the INT Base are uniform in reporting that virtually all programs are micro-managed by Miscavige.

This means that per policy, he is the person responsible for handling the upset field, the independent movement. As the person claiming senior authority, the buck stops with him. And, a handling is not just sticking labels on people and harassing them in an attempt to shut them up, but consists of finding the real WHY.

In most corporations, with the amount of negative publicity recently run on the Church (CNN multi-part series, the front page of the Sunday edition of the New York Times, etc.)[7] and allegations of violence, the CEO would resign for the benefit of the corporation, even if innocent of the specific criminal acts, as an acknowledgment of their failure to maintain a safe environment for employees and in order for the organization to make a fresh start. If they refused to resign for the good of the group, they often are removed for the same reasons.

If our evaluation is correct, the real WHY for the situation is the failure to implement LRH’s intention for the governance of Scientology – to have in place checks and balances in order to prevent Scientology from falling into the hands of one person, a person who can place himself beyond the reach of Scientology ethics and justice, immune from reports of off-policy and out-tech actions, and immune from correction by HCO and Qual.

We Have Met the Enemy and He Is Us

Reportedly, Miscavige is pouring millions of dollars and significant church resources into “stopping” Rathbun. According to publicly posted reports by Rathun, Rinder and others, it appears that no expense is too large and no means is off-limits.

If true, this is foolish. And illustrative of a profound lack of understanding of Scientology principles and the teachings of LRH.

If Rathbun, Rinder and other prominent figures in the independent movement are indeed now our enemies, we created them. We don’t have to try to “stop” them; the correct action is to cease creating them as our enemies.

The following quotes from LRH are excerpted from his lecture entitled “Attitude and Conduct of Scientology,” given on 3 November 1955 at the 4th London ACC:

But we do not, I repeat, do not separate them from Scientology or Scientology organizations, nor at any moment fail to give them organizational support or cooperation in the starting of any new activity in which they wish to engage for the benefit of Scientology. You got that?

In other words, the arduous lesson along this line is that no-communication lists, revocation/suspension of certificates, court action of any kind whatsoever within the realm of Scientology and so forth is not only… not only difficult to do, but does not work.

* * *

That’s just the end of it. It just doesn’t work. It’s for the sea gulls. That might work in… Westinghouse but it doesn’t work in Scientology. Got that?

* * *

It’s because they are people of good intention. And by saying that these people are not fit to associate with us anymore, we have told a lie of magnitude. This is not true. It’s never true. You got it?

* * *

Our inability to understand the actions of other Scientologists has a very fascinating barrier. The limitation on our understanding is simply this: we say they have bad intentions, and that is a lie. Got it?

So the whole situation is liable to enturbulate around that postulated bad intention. That’s what enturbulates the situation. That makes a lie.

The situation then becomes unsolvable. Because we’ve entered a changing factor called a lie into it.

* * *

This guy says he’s been hurt, he’s screaming to high heaven, let’s try and give him a hand.

In view of the fact that he’s in Scientology the probability is that he’s – actually has been hurt. See? He probably…that’s the… the probabilities are very in favor of that…

* * *

Well, I hate to unsettle a very stable datum, if it does unsettle it. But the only way anything ever does resolve is by letting your own kind heart reach through. That’s the only way it ever does solve.

And it never solves by being tough.

From the HCO Manual of Justice:

When you punish a man you punish also his family and friends. Even if you slayed the man you would then still have his friends and family as your enemies. If you slay everyone he knew – why, they have friends and families, too – and at last you’ve got a whole populace against you.

You punish a man. He goes away to join the ranks of the squirrels.

You swell the opposition. Don’t do it.

Also by LRH: “A militant org attitude to keep the field straight is silly.”[8]

Additionally, attacks on one’s right to freely express one’s own opinions are at odds with the Creed of Scientology, which is included in the Bylaws of CST:

That all men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others;” and, “…that no agency less than God has the power to suspend or set aside these rights, overtly or covertly.

Have we become so intolerant and thin-skinned – so insecure – that we cannot stand any criticism, even if the observations are true? Is it possible that we are sometimes wrong and subject to ethics gradients ourselves? For example, the gradient of “[t]alking to somebody about another derogatorily.” (Ethics Gradient No. 5.[9]) Or do ethics gradients somehow not apply to us? Can it really be that the Miscavige administration is always completely innocent, as it asserts, and that its troubles are always the fault of others – horrible SPs (many of whom were long-term, high-ranking Sea Org executives)?

Are we really aligned with LRH on this?

Based on the LRH quotes given above, the existence of the independent movement
and the terrific PR pounding the church – and, indirectly, the reputation of LRH – has taken, and continues to take the answer is clearly, “No.”


We see all this as the result of failure to heed LRH’s warning not to allow any single person to gain control of Scientology, a lesson illustrating his wisdom and foresight on the subject. LRH stated:

So anybody that knows the remedy of this subject, anybody that knows these techniques, is himself actually under a certain responsibility – that’s to make sure that he doesn’t remain a sole proprietor. That’s all it takes, just don’t remain a sole proprietor. Don’t ever think that a monopoly of this subject is a safe thing to have. It’s not safe. It’s not safe for man; it’s not safe for this universe.[10]

We need to implement LRH’s intention for the governance of Scientology organizations. This should include the following:

● Reconstitute the boards of the three governing corporations;

● Train the board members of each corporation in their duties;

● Separate the finances of the three corporations, conduct audits, and fix any irregularities found;

● CST’s newly constituted board of directors conduct an independent investigation into how and why LRH’s intention for the change in governance of Scientology from one-man rule during his life to rule by multiple checks and balances after his departure were not implemented, and determine whether it should exercise its purchase rights from RTC; and

● CSI should conduct its own, separate investigation to determine how and why its hats got knocked off.

The ED International, the convening authority for worldwide matters pursuant to Committees of Evidence, Scientology Jurisprudence, Administration Of, HCO PL 7 September 1963, needs to get cleaned up and put back on post or replaced as may be appropriate in the estimation of the CSI board of directors. The cleaned-up or new ED Int then needs to grant a general amnesty for the Field and convene a Committee of Evidence on the overall situation with David Miscavige as an interested party.

In the third and final part of this series, we will discuss how Corporate America has learned to successfully deal with whistleblowers. It may not surprise you to learn how closely the corporate solution, which was evolved through trial and error, tracks LRH policy.

1. HCO PL 22 July 1982, Knowledge Reports
2. See, e.g., Advanced Procedure & Axioms (2007 Ed.), Responsiblity, pp. 127-132
3. Data Series 19, THE REAL WHY
4. To be taken up in our next article.
5. Emphasis in original; Data Series 22, THE WHY IS GOD
6. HCO PL 23 February 1970, Ethics, Quality of Service
7. To be taken up in our next article.
8. HCO PL 10 December 1969, Superior Service Image
9. HCO PL 29 April 1965, Issue III, Ethics Review
10. PDC Lecture No. 20, Formative State of Scientology: Defintion of Logic, 6 Dec. 1952

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32 Responses to David Miscavige & The Independent Movement, Part II

  1. painintheass(pita) says:

    Very spot on observation for those who can see….

    • admin says:

      Fortunately, not everyone has to see. Less than 10% of the public in 1776 supported the American revolution. Plus, the situation is fluid; a defining event could shake alert many who can’t see now.

  2. Pascal Dorion says:

    How sad it is that the Church has yet to produce anyone able to unmock DM by mere presence and character. Is it the incompetence of tech personnel or the vile nature of the beings on Earth? Where are the Augustus’ of ages past?!

    • admin says:

      We are not looking to unmock DM, nor do we know of anyone who wants to. It is still not too late to get in front of the story and fix things. DM needs to empower the boards of CST, RTC, and CSI as LRH intended, then step aside while an independent internal investigation is launched by both CST, wearing its special hats, and CSI, wearing its. The longer he prolongs a true investigation, the more likely that external influences will take action.

      We don’t need Augustus, IMHO. We just need Scientologists to step up and put on their KSW hats. Those who do will be rewarded in Heaven. : )

      Exhibit 1 is our website. Not to inflate. Could be Exhibit 2 or 5 or whatever.

      • Pascal Dorion says:

        I guess democracy is the next gradient from tyranny. This site put into brochure form would be enough to wake-up the public and cave-in Tommy Davis and maybe even Thomas Mapother too! In any case it’s time we grew up and got some class.

        • admin says:

          What LRH intended was not a democracy but checks and balances using multiple corporations each with its own elements of power.

          All we want to do is reach enough responsible individuals who will wear their KSW hats and implement LRH’s intention for the governance of Scientology. Both Tommy’s are good guys with good intentions, albeit misguided due to lack of information.

          • Seeking As Isness says:


            I agree that the Tommy’s are basically good guys who are definitely misguided do to misinformation,just like any Scientologist who has had the awakening once was.

            I think that keeping in mind that man is basically good is key now more than ever.

            Any ETA on Part III?


          • admin says:

            Part III is in progress. ETA not known. We have an editorial process when a draft is finished. By Monday, I hazard to say. As explanation for the delay, it took us a couple of weeks to put together the blog. Early visitors will recall that the articles were originally published on web pages. Now visitors can comment and we can reply.

      • FredKrueger says:

        If it would be possible for us to wear our KSW hat, and handle everything
        church internal with standard ethics,tech and justice, this site an others would not come to existence! Right?
        My estimation:
        DM “Must be right ” in all what he is doing. He will not correct
        himself nor he will allow that he is being corrected.
        Shooting against MGMt, or initiating mutiny is already high crime like
        your site:my comments and every other independent.
        If DM doesn´t leave his post by choice, -sorry- get some strong guys and remove him physically. ARC

        • admin says:

          You under estimate the power of an idea, perhaps. It can lick force any day of the week. (LRH in the lecture Methods of Research – The Thetan as an Energy Unit, 6 Nov 1952, Disc 2.) Also, the power of a correct WHY and the power of ARC. Additionally, other dynamics are in play. The data on this site will spread as other actions play out. And, finally, we are using gradients. Patience, Fred.

  3. Jim Logan says:

    These articles, your entire site, is like drinking crystal clear mountain spring water. It’s coming down the same stream of truth that poured forth from L. Ron Hubbard.

    My sincere gratitude for the time, effort and love that is manifest in these pages. I’ll do my best to live up to the ideal, rationale and ethic espoused here.

    Jim Logan

    • admin says:

      Thanks, Jim. We will, in turn, do our best to maintain the standard. Part III of our series on the independent movement is before our editorial board as my fingers clang on the keyboard. Stay tuned. Hope to hear from you again.

    • I am particularly glad to see my old adversary Jim Logan supporting this blog in such glowing and unequivocal terms. Jim and I have not always seen eye to eye in previous discussions; so I take it as a very good indicator indeed that we are united in supporting this analysis and evaluation of the existing situation.
      Jim, it’s good to hear from you, my friend, and I really like and admire the language you have used in validating this blog. Very much hope to work together with you and others in implementing these proposals, which are for the good of us all, for sure.
      Warmest regards, Robin & Adrienne

  4. Karen B says:

    Great series and blog. I look forward to the next installation.

  5. AnOT says:

    I can’t tell you how great it has been to have found this site.

    As hard as I looked for this data, I could not find it.

    As a long term Scientologist and staff member, your site has given me help, comfort, stability and a big grin by giving me the correct LRH.

    I agree with your point of view on the correct handling.

    Thank you so much and please keep up the good work. I have forwarded your link, so more and more will be arriving.

  6. Will it help to repace DM with somebody else, who can see things as-is?
    Will it help if DM goes to prison?
    If DM gets arrested, will it help to restore PR of Scientology or will it ruin it if alligations of beating will be found to be true?
    I spent a couple of month, sending to scientologists a survey
    with just one question ” If you had a choice to pick scientology leader, would you vote for DM?”
    Now I have a question: will power change help, if a new leader will replace DM at the time when DM’s stats are really crushed? Will he be able to find the real why and make some changes or will he be taking the same old DM’s way to manage and destroy the church for good?

    • admin says:

      You may have missed the point of the website and our articles. LRH doesn’t call for a leader. See the LRH Intent web page. He recommended cross checks and balances through 3 separate corporations comprising 7 boards. We think that we wouldn’t be in this mess had LRH’s last will been implemented, and we think the way out is to implement it and have an internal, independent investigation. But then we repeat ourselves.

      You might consider re-phrasing your survey question. For example, Who do you think would make a good CST trustee? Who should CST hire to head up an independent investigation into the allegations of the whistleblowers?

      In our articles we called for a general amnesty. General means everyone. No purges like the one that occurred with the disbanding of the GO. We would like to see the story and this era put behind us, let’s get out in front of the story, join forces and deliver our message broadly to the world.

      Furthermore, the purpose of an investigation is to sift through the charges and the evidence and render findings. We view the allegations of the whistleblowers to be just that, allegations. By the way, have you ever known anyone to be helped by going to prison? Do you think it helped that former members of the GO went to prison?

      We haven’t. But we have seen the tech work. Standard ethics, justice, qual, and tech. No arbitraries. No vendettas. No use of justice to get rid of rivals or get even. Let’s fix things and move forward, okay?

  7. Thank you.
    No, I don’t really think DM’s case would benefit of going to prison.

  8. Olivia Korringa says:

    I think the plan is exactly correct. It’s the only way to bring justice and the truth out into the open.
    It will blow the charge of this Group Engram and restore the beauty intended by Ron for our fellow Beings. Spiritual Freedom and Freedom from Oppression.

  9. The Believer says:

    Good piece of work.

    Just want to say:

    And even if it would be always bad SPs and Miscavige would not be responsible… after having had so much SPs anroeund, he would at least be guilty of not making sure, that SPs cannot enter into top management or sea org.

    After the huge amount of SPs he declared, he abolutely proofed, that he cannot protect the RELIGION of Scientology.

    By the way: If he does work so hard by defending SPs… isn’t there a quote, which says: “You become, what you defend”…?

    The Believer

  10. Ron says:

    Hi there,

    I have had a concern about this notion and activity of asking the public to pay for new org buildings. This is off policy, out admin, unusual solution, to say the least.

    At first, OT comittees and public groups were fundraising, and it then developed into org staff simply doing it as well.

    The problem, to say the least, is that it is “off hat”
    The focus of doing the usual standard LRH activities for a post is put onto another activity (fundraising).
    A mentality or viewpoint creeps in of ” it will all get better when we have our new org”
    No way.
    Further the LRH HCOPL “Ideal Orgs” is often quoted. However, there is nothing in that PL that talks of buying new org MEST buildings, rather the emphasis is on doing the usual standard LRH activities as per the posts.

    This has become lost to a degree in some orgs, ( not all)

    I have written numerous KRs to RTC about this very out admin and received no response.
    I also wrote KR’s about the head of the RTC is not to be involved in the day to day affairs of running the church (this was even on the RTC website up until a year ago)
    It is obvious why the RTC head is not supposed to “run the church” as the RTC amongst other things is to be separate, and remedy outness in regular church activity and not be coerced or influenced by the church, all using standard LRH technology.

    But recently I have noticed that DM is now the “eccliastical leader”.

    But, in defense of DM,

    Society has the mindset that a “leader” or top spokesman is in order to represent or communicate with a religion at a high level. The muslems sort of have this “problem” as they lack a “singular leader”.
    Therefore I am thinking that DM as a ‘eccliastical leader” is more of a PR move, period.

    He is a good PR rep for the church.

    I do believe he has good intentions and can be quite ruthless, however he and us are under constant, enormous
    suppression and insanity, every day.

    If the world was not this way, LRH would have received the Nobel prize, the world would have welcomed him with open arms and there would have been relative ease to bring Dianetics and scientology to the world.
    Yet look at the insanity, treason, vested interest, suppression that rallied against the man. Yet he still won.
    The bridge is here, it can be walked.

    Per LRH “we are trying to build a better world with broken straws”

    Yes there is out ethics, out admin, out tech, in various areas. But LRH new all this could and would happen. Why do you think he wrote about all of it then? Why did he write volumes of Ethics data – because he knows it can and will happen.

    There is nothing today stopping anyone from going up the bridge – the availability to get a second to none standard LRH service is easy. Extension course, org services are great. DM is stopping no one from doing this, he has NOT altered any LRH tech.
    If any of you guys met LRH today what do you think he would say? “get off your ass, get busy, get aboard, get on with it”
    You know its true.
    DM is not stopping you from being a VM, a field auditor, a scientologist.
    Anyone can remedy any situation if they want to.
    Rathburn or anyone, can walk into the appropraite org and do conditions. Conditions are not about punishment or make wrong, or grovelling.

    I actually wrote a letter to LRH himself about this years ago- I told him I had misgivings and concerns about non standard tech, admin and ethics at a local org, and I didn’t want to be involved with that org, or bring anyone to it.
    LRH wrote back that he would NEVER recomend this, he would NEVER condone not going to any org and help sorting it out, that the org should be helped and never turn people away.

    There are the ex scientology wackos seething with their OW’s and rantings and should be ignored, but they are the minority and , you guys need to do what is right, stop playing victims and get your asses sorted out and stop finger pointing.
    You can get back on lines, write a million KR,s, help out the orgs.

    Stil, look at where Scientology is today. Look where it was 60 years ago. Back then, it was one man. Today it is huge. Not perfect, but growing despite the malcontents.



    • mirari says:

      Not true, Ron. Thanks, but no thanks, for the PR line. I spent years training on the endless road of arbitraries added to the line up that made everyone start over again and again, each time costing higher and higher fees. Stops at 4 different orgs that had nothing to do with what was promised, complete unreality, all from within the church. They tried to make it seem that it was you just not making the grade. Rubbish.
      Just look at the stats today. No wdahs cited, almost no auditors made, very few pcs actually completing anything any more. It is all about money and idle orgs and feet of space bought that lines COB’s pockets more. What a scam it has become. After nearly a million spent on this nonsense myself, I am spent out. Nearly half a lifetime wasted. No one recognizes half baked statuses. It is of very little value in the public arena. If I had gone to a university and did all that many years of training only to be told time and again to repeat the courses, do certainty on it now, redo it because we found errors, pay more because it is the right thing to do, donate to the world campaigns, now stop, stop again, well you just aren’t making it go right, more push, more money to SCN, do this thing, give that thing or you can’t go to the next step…… ad nauseum; that university would be sued up one side and down the other. COS, your day is coming. You are a dead church now. Your PR is worse than al qaeda and atheism. Perhaps you just don’t realize it yet. But dead it is and the independent movement is alive and growing. DM most go to have any chance of realizing LRH’s dream. The only thing DM duplicated of Ron is perhaps his case, none of his genius. DM tech is squirrel and evil and that is why so many have died doing his version of NOTS. Just take a good look if you want to see.

  11. Quaoar says:

    “In most corporations, with the amount of negative publicity recently run on the Church (CNN multi-part series, the front page of the Sunday edition of the New York Times, etc.)[7] and allegations of violence, the CEO would resign for the benefit of the corporation, even if innocent of the specific criminal acts, as an acknowledgment of their failure to maintain a safe environment for employees and in order for the organization to make a fresh start. If they refused to resign for the good of the group, they often are removed for the same reasons.”

    Your comment above is misdirected and does not reflect reality in modern corporations. Modern corporations have oversight from stockholders in the stockholder-elected boards of directors. The chief executive serves at the sufferance of the board of directors, representing the interests of the stockholders. Stockholders elect the boards of directors, not the chief executives.

    Furthermore, governments provide oversight of boards of directors so that the boards know that their actions must work for the benefit of the stockholders. The power in modern corporations resides in the boards of directors. The chief executive is an employee not different than Jack in the mail room.

    Scientology has no stockholders. Scientology has no board of directors with power, since Scientology has no stockholders to elect the directors. Scientology is a dictatorship; it has always been a dictatorship. Since the membership have no voice in the management of Scientology, the dictatorship remains active.

  12. Nightsinger says:

    Dear Admin,

    Reading this blog has been extremely pleasurable.

    I find your data not only interesting but also very objective.

    As a person who has spent quite a few years on staff in the S.O. at the lower levels of the org bd, I can testify on a few things:

    1. The constant mental conditioning, one is subjected to, is veritably insidious because all ideas, whether on-policy or not, are generated by “something LRH wrote” and his policy is quoted (but misrepresented) for all kinds of things — and to back up projects that come from the higher levels, of which we knew not the origins (whether they were factually spawned from an on-policy effort or not). This on-going propaganda puts the people at the lower levels of the org bd at effect, because to think against it would immediately signify “off-sourceness”.

    2. The relative ignorance of people at the lower levels of the org bd is constantly controlled by a hectic schedule and work environment, whereby people do not go to study (which is off-policy in the first place) because they are overwhelmed with workload; and if they do, for some, it may take years to get up to a level where they have enough judgment to be able to tell identities, similarities and differences and spot outpoints. With this I mean, that, by the time one gets “trained”, the actual scene is so ingrained that one can no longer individuate it as an outpoint. This acts out as a blind spot and keeps one sufficiently unaware so that, the next time some “leader” comes out with some spurious wrong why, one immediately accepts it to stop the ignorant confusion he is spinning in; at that point he is hooked — for good.

    3. A constant threatening environment IS created, evoked, reminded and promoted at the lower levels of the org bd. It is done just under a person’s awareness level. All bad news concern how Scn is being attacked by SPs; how the wog world is going down the chute, etc. This is compounded by the atmosphere of scarcity and “deprivation” whereby one has very little havingness for himself. LRH mentions in KSW #1 how self-abnegation has never done any good for Mankind, yet you see a lot of it at the lower levels. And I believe whole-heartedly when people, who worked at the higher echelons of the Church, say that it gets worse up there.

    4. Now a curious anectode: a few years back, down the Church’s grapevine, came a story of how “LRH is coming back”. Try to imagine what that must seem like to a lower level staff member. LRH coming back would probably spell out a resurgence of Scientology planet-wide, immediate Clearing of the planet, achievement of OT personally. Now, imagine some exec telling you off by saying that you are not doing enough to achieve some abstruse target “before he arrives” — we would see what total self-abnegation would be like. Well, this story of LRH coming back did circle around and I know for a fact that it was circulated from the very top of management. Of course, it was hush-hush! Has anyone ever talked to those poor crazies that are waiting for the Second Coming of Jesus? Do we really want our Sea Org Members to become like them? This, because DM mentioned to relay the full truth at the very beginning — when he talked at LRH’s Funeral and expressed some of the most unconscionable untruths Scientology has ever heard. But, of course, he was busy taking over — and the truth must not have been part of the plan.

    To conclude: I like this site/blog. I will keep reading….

    Love, Nightsinger

  13. EXSO says:

    I am an ex SO member and long time Scientologist. I joined the SO after 911 because I wanted to help. I am currently in good standing with the church having paid all my debts, doing my conditions etc. That being said I have been away from any org or mission for over two years now due to the increased pressure to donate to whatever the latest campaign is. Last time I tried to get on lines at Flag I spent so much time with reg’s I just got in my car and went home again giving up all hope of going on course.

    I held a very unique post in the SO. I was party to all the stats of orgs and missions in the USA. Its very true that there has been a decline since the mid 1980’s and it was even pointed out at a staff meeting by the captain at our org. Of course the answer was the Golden Age of Tech which has not handled anything.
    Frankly I am done with Scientology as a group as it currently stands. I have an affinity for true LRH I know when policy is out. I don’t like spreading entheta and have a lot to thank LRH for in terms of my sanity so I tend to avoid nattery sites and stories that are generalized gossip that does not hold up to inspection.
    I would like to share my experiences and knowledge so that I can help us get the real scientology back. I therefore invite a communication to the founder of this site so I can write pages for you to read.

    • admin says:

      Because you posted to the comments section rather than emailing info@savescientology.com we assume you wanted us to post this.

      We welcome emails and/or comments on the subject of true delivery and active membership stats. We are currently engaged in a project that focuses on stats and, apropos to your comment, what Scientologists can do in fulfillment of their KSW obligations in this regard.

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