Action Series 5: Management By LRH Statistics

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The word “Camelot” is sometimes used to refer admiringly to a bygone era of potential and promise for the future.

Camelot is a castle and court associated with the legendary King Arthur. Although the subject of many tales for hundreds of years, including blockbuster plays and a film in modern times, its location and authenticity have never been established.

In the stage and film versions, the reign of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table were brought down by Mordred who sought the throne for himself. Unaware of Mordred’s intentions, King Arthur put Mordred in charge of the knights’ training program.

Has a similar fate befallen Scientology?

Many Scientologists remember their orgs or mission course rooms and auditing centers filled with students and preclears in the 1970s and 1980s. Now, most of them are empty. To the extent there are students, they are mainly studying “Basics” books and lectures, not training to be auditors.

To borrow lines from Camelot the musical’s theme song, as sung in the final scene, was the period prior to LRH’s death Scientology’s “fleeting wisp of glory?” Our “one brief shining moment?”

The answer is, yes. Unless we demand of our leaders management based on statistics as given by LRH, and judge them, and the expansion/decline of Scientology, based solely on those statistics, brushing aside all PR, opinion and explanations.

LRH Statistics

LRH stressed two major products:

“Orgs have only 2 major final valuable products. One is well-trained auditors. The other is satisfied pcs.”

“Tech and Admin policy exist only to assist making these two products IN VOLUME.”

LRH ED 131 INT, Re: Life Repair Block, 8 Dec 1970 (OEC Vol. 4, p. 145)

* * *

“The product of an org is well-taught students and thoroughly audited pcs. When the product vanishes, so does the org.”

TECHNICAL DEGRADES, HCO PL 17 Jun 1970RB, Issue I (OEC Vol. 0, p. 14)

* * *

“So the basic gross outness re stats is not to have real stats and not to compute, publish, use and PUSH THEM UP.”

“The only thing that could go wrong [in expanding Scientology] is not establishing, collecting, computing, posting and using the stats to establish a nearer and nearer approach to the ideal scene, not just for us but for the planet.”

STATISTICAL MANAGEMENT, HCO PL 16 Aug 1970 (OEC Vol. 7, p. 518)

For a thorough list of LRH quotations on the subject of statistics and management by statistics, along with editor’s notes (in red), click the button below:

Miscavige Administration Statistics

The current administration no longer stresses or even publishes these statistics, so the actual progress or decline of Scientology, as defined by LRH, is being hidden.

Moreover, it is clear that David Miscavige has altered the statistics used to measure Scientology’s expansion.

“Even the manner in which we gauge our expansion has utterly changed. In previous years it focused on our internal statistics. Today our expansion is measured by broad-scale impact out there, helping cities, states, and entire nations.”

David Miscavige, IAS 21st Anniversary celebration, 2005 (reprinted in Impact issue #112, p. 52)

* * *

“Our expansion is no longer gauged by what takes place inside our churches. Rather, our expansion is now such that it is gauged across every ethnic, religious, and national concern on Earth.”

David Miscavige, LRH Birthday Celebration; Mar 2006 (reprinted in Scientology News, issue #33, p. 48)

This has led to such statistics as: (1) # of citizens aware of Human Rights; (2) # of shopping malls playing our Human Rights PSAs (Public Service Announcements); (3) # of people helped.

The emphasis of the Miscavige Administration has shifted from LRH’s emphasis on making auditors and the delivery of Scientolgy services to purchasing grand buildings and accumulating wealth, both of which are the result of independent donations, not the income from the delivery of Scientology’s services.

LRH Re: Miscavige Administration Actions


“The first and all subsequent organizations of the Church were founded to this purpose only.”

THE REASON FOR ORGS, HCO PL 31 Jan 1983 (OEC Vol. 0, p. 91)

Miscavige Administration’s Drive For Donations

The greatest difference in Scientology when LRH was actively on the lines and during the Miscavige Administration is the current drive for material wealth through the constant hammering of Scientologists for donations at every turn. Buildings, IAS, books for libraries, you name it.

Even auditors and staff devote time to “regging” donations!

No one can deny the results: a great number of grand buildings, a $1.5 billion (with a “B”) IAS fund and phenomenal book sales. But the orgs are empty (mostly), the books go to libraries that mainly sell them to recyclers for pennies on the dollar, and IAS donations accumulate and are not spent to achieve our main products: trained auditors and well audited preclears.

(Imagine what a half billion dollars could do spent on, say, a scholarship program for training auditors.)

Here’s What LRH Says About The Miscavige Practice

“If the Org slumps…, don’t engage in ‘fund raising’ or ’selling postcards’ or borrowing money.

“Just make more income with Scientology.

“It’s a sign of very poor management to seek extraordinary solutions for finance outside Scientology. It has always failed.

“For Orgs as for pcs ‘Solve it With Scientology.’

“Every time I myself have sought to solve finance or personnel in other ways than Scientology I have lost out. So I can tell you from experience that Org solvency lies in more Scientology, not patented combs or fund raising Barbecues.”

ORG PROGRAMMING, HCO PL 24 Feb 1964, Issue II (Managment Series, Vol. 7, p.930)

* * *

“There can be a tendency for management and staffs to believe an org is all right because it has a rising gross income graph. This is not true. The gross divisional statistics must be observed before the gross income can mean very much.”

STATISTICAL JUDGMENT, HCO PL 9 Feb 1970 (Management Series, Vol. 7, p. 516)

* * *

Gross Divisional Statistics:

“Div 7:Gross income of org (Editor: from the purchase of org services.)

“Div 1:Total org letters in – total org letters out

“Div 2:Number of new enrollments of students and pcs for the week, and gross booksales

“Div 3:Credit collections vs. bills paid

“Div 4:Number of students and pcs completed in a week

“Div 5:Cash collected by reason of the division for the week

“Div 6:Number of field staff member commissions paid/number of new addresses added to CF, both for the week”

STATISTICS FOR DIVISIONS, HCO PL 30 Sep 1965 (Management Series Vol. 7, p. 898)

* * *

“Statistics must reflect the actual desired PRODUCT. If they do not, they are not valid. If they do, they give an idea of an ideal scene.”

LEARNING TO USE DATA ANALYSIS, HCO PL 19 Mar 1972, Issue II (Management Series Vol. 1, p. 105)

* * *

“If an activity lacks an ideal scene and a correct statistic for it, it has no stable datum with which to rebuff opinion and outpoints. To that extent the group goes a bit mad.”

HOW TO FIND AND ESTABLISH AN IDEAL SCENE, HCO PL 5 Jul 1970 (Management Series, Vol 1, p. 50)

Evidence Of A 20+ Year Decline

“The proof is in the pudding,” as the saying goes.

So, how’s the Miscavige venture working out?

To partly answer the question, just LOOK. Go into your local org and mission. How many people are on course training to be an auditor? How many people are receiving auditing, and advancing happily up the grade chart?

You can also listen to what some former high-ranking executives, people who saw the stats, have said. We have compiled a list of their relevant comments and statements. Click the button to view them.

We offer the statements for what they are, not as the actual statistics. The point is that multiple people who spent many years as trusted executives state that the stats of Scientology: trained auditors, well done auditing hours, active and new members, have been in a continual decline over a 20+ year period. That is reason enough to INVESTIGATE. Compare the evidence with your own, personal observations and you should notice that the two are are consistent.

What Would LRH Do?

What would LRH do, or expect us to do?

Do Nothing? No way!

“Nothing is the greatest overt act you can commit. If you don’t believe it, run into it sometime on your case. The times you did nothing: those were the overt acts. Well we needn’t be guilty of it in this particular lifetime, because you’ve got just as big a share in this as I have, as anybody has. And with your knowingness goes a certain increased responsibility. That’s a terrible thing, isn’t it? You say, ‘Well, I want to know more about this.’ The second you know more about it, you’re more responsible for it. Do you realize that?”

Zones of Control and Responsibility of Governments, 3 Jan 1960 (State of Man Congress)

Would LRH revolt against the current administration?

You bet he would.

“So don’t even consider someone with a steadily down statistic as part of the team. Investigate, yes. Try, yes. But if it stays down, don’t fool about. The person is drawing pay and position and privilege for not doing his job and that’s too much reward even there.

“Don’t get reasonable about down statistics. They are down because they are down. If someone were on the post, they would be up. Act on that basis.”


* * *

“A group has the right to exile anyone it discovers to be guilty of tampering with any communication line.”

“A management which will pervert or suppress a reality, no matter how ‘reasonable’ the act seems, is acting in the direction of the destruction of a group. It is not what management thinks the group or the goal maker should know, it is what is true. A primary function of management is the discovery and publication, in the briefest form which will admit the whole force of this data, the reality of all existing circumstances, situations and personnel. A management which will hide data, even in the hope of sparing someone’s feelings, is operating toward a decline of the group.”

“A true group must have a management which deals in affinity, reality and communication, and any group is totally within its rights, when a full and reasonable examination discloses management in fault of perverting or cutting ARC, of slaughtering, exiling or suspending that management.”

Emphases added; AN ESSAY ON MANAGEMENT, HCO PL 9 Jan 1951 (Management Series, Vol. 7, p. 567)

Action Step 5

We don’t propose to slaughter anyone, but we do seek to have the CST Special Directors retain an outside accounting firm to conduct a “performance audit” wholly independent of David Miscavige to determine the LRH statistics of Scientology over the past 25 years and publish them.

For those interested in the legal basis for this request, see Legal Stuff.

By LRH statistics, we mean the Gross Divisional Statistics (GDS) identified above with an emphasis on the delivery stats of well done auditing hours and trained auditors.

We urge Scientologists to help by doing three things:

1) Read the Demand for Performance Audit letter to CST Special Directors.

2) Send a letter of support to a law firm retained by us, stating your support for the Performance Audit.


3) Spread the word. Inform other Scientologists you know of the situation by disseminating one-page flyers to them by: A) email, B) regular mail, or by C) simply stuffing the flyers on their windshields or in their mail boxes. The flyers are intended to alert other Scientologists to the situation we are addressing. See “Instructions” below to download the flyer.


1. Download Letter of Support. Add your name or a code name (i.e., an alias or user name) and date it, then mail it to the law firm on the letter. You do not have to provide an address on the envelope if you use a code name.

If you use a code name use something unique made up of letters and numbers, e.g. Jdoe12RC, and make a unique mark in the signature line. The code name and signature mark you use should be consistent in each letter you send. (There are more action steps to come.)

2. Create evidence. Make a copy of the letter after you fill it out, and keep it on file. This step is especially important for those using a code name. We might need to match the letters to an identity at a later date if and when we need evidence of the amount of support we have – and when people feel more comfortable doing so.

3. Download the Flyer, which is a two-page, color PDF document. This is the same flyer that was linked in Action Series 1. Email it to your Scientology friends, using an alias email account if you prefer anonymity. You can also mail it to them, or simply stuff it in their residential mail boxes or place it on the windshields of their cars. (Don’t trespass or break any laws in doing this.)

The flyer looks best in color and printed as a two-sided, one-page document. If you don’t have the capability to easily do this, we recommend you download the flyer to a flash drive and take it to a nearby Kinkos-type shop. Print it as a black & white, two-page flyer, if you must. Or print this article and distribute it. The idea is to spread the word and involve others.

4. Keep stats:# of support letters out
# of flyers to Scientologists

5. Stay tuned for Action Series 6.

A Final Thought

The theme of this article is Camelot, and we made a reference to the final scene of the musical, Camelot.

Below is a video of that scene.

While you enjoy it, please consider the analogy we have drawn:

King Arthur and his vision for a new world to LRH and his vision for a new world;

King Arthur outside his castle, preparing to re-take it, to LRH outside his Church, his intent for the governance of Scientology abandoned, his statistics and Admin Scale altered; and

Tom of Warwick to those Scientologists courageous and responsible enough to forsake status and fear of consequences and insist that LRH’s command intention be forwarded.

Let us be some of the “drops in the great blue motion of the sunlit sea” that sparkle!

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6 Responses to Action Series 5: Management By LRH Statistics

  1. Pascal Dorion says:

    Great work!

  2. I support this project.
    Good luck on your work.

  3. Awesome! I really appreciate that you have figured out a way for Scientologists that are still in “good standing” to be able to do something about the current situation without having to defect to a splinter group.

  4. Aleksey says:

    I, probably, won’t be in a good standing soon. I found descrepansies with LRH Pls and got no explanations for them. In one mission where I got services I was told (upon my request to clarify is black PR or blackmail or so is an overt) that “it is not an overt that would be taken up in a session”, “this type of situation might be sutable for Ethics write-ups but not for session…” Do you see how creazy it is? SO even if you did black PR against Scn-gy that is not an over any more!

    I also pointed to a verbal tech. There are a lot of promo that carry some LRH’s cites and HAVE NO references to actual HCOBs or HCO PLs to check the out! I also tried to find out policy IAS operates on… that are from LRH and found none. I’ve pointed to people that IAS has nothing to do with Orgs and their products AT ALL. But was told for all that that “this is your openion…” You see, people are so eager to not-is facts and make them look like “somebody’s openion”.

    That’s crazy, and I left CoS. All the years (about 13) I was PTS and no advance on the Bridge at all. Now, when I made my decision, I am preparing to audit my family, friends. And if I will audit payed PCs I will price in accordance with LRH’s policy on it and that really makes it affordable for people.

    Thank you for your site! I am surprised how long I was PTS and did not see what is going on.

    By the way I am also CL 4, before GAT.

  5. Anonymous says:


    The camelot video is a dead link. Well done on your action.


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