Action Series 3: Recapture CSI’s Ecclesiastical Authority

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Niccolo Machiavelli is most famous for writing the classic 16th Century book, The Prince. In it, Machiavelli criticized the conventional wisdom of his time: that rulers, to succeed, must acquire their power legitimately and rule with virtue.

Machiavelli portraitMachiavelli argued instead that nothing matters but the acquisition and maintenance of power however acquired and maintained. Forget legitimacy. Forget morality. They matter not.[1]

Here are a few of the rules of power he advanced:

“A wise ruler ought never to keep faith when by doing so it would be against his interests.”

“One who deceives will always find those who allow themselves to be deceived.”

“A prince never lacks legitimate reasons to break his promise.”

So influential was his work, his name became part of our language. Machiavellian means: “Cunning, scheming, and unscrupulous, esp. in politics or in advancing one’s career.”[2]

A trained Scientologist will recognize that Machiavelli has tapped into the baser instincts of Man, those found in the “reactive mind” (i.e., the part of the mind that acts on a stimulus-response basis beyond a person’s awareness, not reason).

LRH must have had this in mind when he split the power and authority over Scientology into 3 separate corporate entities so that the Church would last “millions of years.”[3]

In less than 25 years after LRH’s death, however, evidence abounds that David Miscavige, from his self-created position of Chairman of the Board of RTC, is running all of Scientology, including ecclesiastical matters, a function LRH reserved exclusively for Church of Scientology International (CSI), the “Mother Church.”

LRH Intended RTC To Monitor CSI, Not To Supervise or Bypass

Once CSI (Church of Scientology International) gains its independence, as postulated in Action Series 2, the “Mother Church” then needs to recapture its ecclesiastical authority from RTC (Religious Technology Center) and wear the hats given to it by LRH.

To do this, the trustees, general directors, officers and executive strata of CSI – once reinstalled and functioning independently – need to study (not just read) the licenses that set forth the duties and responsibilities between CSI and RTC as intended by LRH.

A license means permission to use.[4] LRH gave RTC the rights to Scientology trademarks and Advanced Technology on condition that RTC license CSI to use them on specific terms.

LRH never intended RTC to be the all-powerful entity it has evolved into, with a singular, “Chairman of the Board,” pope-like ruler over the entirety of Scientology. In fact, LRH went to great lengths to ensure that one-man rule would end upon his departure and that no one person or entity ever amassed too much authority.

Wrong Example: RTC denies a parishioner’s eligibility to do Upper Levels and orders further security checks and/or contributions.

Correct Example: RTC notifies CSI of perceived laxness in granting eligibility, citing examples and LRH references, and requests correction.

The licenses dictate written LRH intent.

And they reveal checks and balances between the two entities, an arm’s length transaction, with RTC given the duty of monitoring CSI’s use of the trademarks and Advanced Technology (not managing their use), and with CSI being the top authority over all ecclesiastical matters (not junior or even co-equal to RTC).

LRH Intent: One-Man Rule to End in Favor of Checks & Balances

As we have set forth on this website and in our articles, LRH intended one-man rule to end upon his death, to be replaced by an elaborate system of multiple checks and balances that include:

3 governing corporations (Church of Spiritual Technology (CST), RTC & CSI);

7 boards of trustees, general directors and, unique for CST, special directors;

Within CSI, the “Mother Church,” an executive strata comprising the Commodore’s Messenger Organization and the Watchdog Committee;

Distribution of rights owned by LRH:

a) Copyrights of books and lectures (“Scientology scriptures”) to CST;

b) Scientology trademarks and Advanced Technology to RTC on condition that

c) RTC license CSI to use the trademarks and licenses; with

d) An option in CST to purchase the rights from RTC for $100 each.

See LRH Intent for a schematic diagram of the governing corporate structure for Scientology.

RTC – CSI Licenses

LRH gave to RTC his rights to the Scientology trademarks and Advanced Technology. These are two different types of “intellectual property” (i.e., creations of the mind which the law recognizes can be exclusively owned).[5]

One is a “trademark,” which is a distinctive sign or indicator[6], and includes the names Dianetics and Scientology, and the Scientology Cross, for example, depicted here ==>

For a full list of the trademarks given RTC, and then licensed to CSI for its use, refer to the appendix in the RTC – CSI License of Marks.

The Advanced Technology of Scientology include all the confidential material, such as the Upper Levels. These are “trade secrets,” a special type of intellectual property that can be owned and protected as long as reasonable efforts are made to maintain confidentiality.[7] The most famous example of a trade secret is the formula for Coca-Cola. For a full list of confidential materials given RTC, and then licensed to CSI for its use, refer to the appendix in the RTC – CSI License of Advanced Technology.

Note that the licenses are formal contracts between RTC and CSI, signed and witnessed by officers in each of the two corporations.

LRH Intended RTC – CSI To Be Arm’s Length Parties

The contracts set forth the duties and responsibilities of the two entities, and reveal LRH’s intent that RTC and CSI be co-equal parties, dealing at arm’s length, with CSI the agreed-upon top authority over ecclesiastical matters.

For ease in understanding, we have reformatted the license agreements and then highlighted various passages and, in places, added editorial comment.

Reformatted Marks LicenseReformatted Adv.Tech License

Here are the key features:

RTC can monitor, but not interfere or manage – or bypass – ecclesiastical matters.

“It is the intent of [RTC & CSI] that CSI will act as the principal contact and supervising ecclesiastical authority with all of its related organizations of the religion of Scientology on this planet with respect to the use of the Marks under this Agreement.”[8]

RTC shall notify CSI of license violations uncovered – not bypass. (Example: Failure to follow Tech on calling floating needles – notify CSI, do not bypass or enforce an interpretation on CSI.)

If CSI does not agree, i.e., a dispute arises, the parties must arbitrate.

Note well:RTC cannot dictate a conclusion to CSI.

RTC can terminate the marks license only after arbitration and only after the arbiters determine that there is no corrective alternative to termination of the license.

Both parties acknowledge that CSI is the top authority on ecclesiastical matters.

Governing standard of license agreement is the Scientology Scriptures — i.e., recorded and written works of LRH — in effect at the time of license (May 1982), and as further scriptures are developed by LRH if adopted by CSI and approved by RTC.

“The governing standards for the nature and quality of all services rendered under and in association with the Marks shall be the Scientology Scriptures, as they exist upon the effective date of this Agreement.”[9]

CSI must be truly independent for LRH’s elaborate system of multiple checks and balances to work. And, as any Scientologist can see, when these facts are inspected and compared to the existing scene, RTC has overreached its authority with respect to CSI.

Let us not fall prey to PR and propaganda, or accept “the way things are.”

It is our KSW (Keep Scientology Working) duty to understand and remedy this situation, to insist that LRH’s intent and the contracts and corporate documents approved by him be implemented.

Action Step 3

We urge Scientologists to help by doing three things:

1) Read the Demand for Compliance Audit letter to CST Special Directors. (This is not the same letter that was linked in prior Action Steps.) The letter serves to put the special directors (who are licensed, compensated California lawyers) on notice of a situation involving their legal duties, and requests them to responsibly handle the situation by conducting an independent audit relative to CSI’s use of the licenses. The situations to be audited are specified in the letter. To view the letter click below:

Demand for Compliance Audit Letter

2) Send a letter of support to a law firm retained by us, stating your support for the Compliance Audit. (This is not the same letter that was linked in prior Action Steps.) We have prepared a sample letter which can be sent anonymously. See “Instructions” below for further details and to download.

Letter of Support


Action Step 1Action Step 2

3) Spread the word. Inform other Scientologists you know of the situation by disseminating one-page flyers to them by: A) email, B) regular mail, or by C) simply stuffing the flyers on their windshields or in their mail boxes. The flyers are intended to alert other Scientologists to the situation we are addressing. See “Instructions” below to download the flyer.



1. Download Letter of Support. Add your name or a code name (i.e., an alias or user name) and date it, then mail it to the law firm on the letter. You do not have to provide an address on the envelope if you use a code name.

If you use a code name use something unique made up of letters and numbers, e.g. Jdoe12RC, and make a unique mark in the signature line. The code name and signature mark you use should be consistent in each letter you send. (There are more action steps to come.)

2. Create evidence. Make a copy of the letter after you fill it out, and keep it on file. This step is especially important for those using a code name. We might need to match the letters to an identity at a later date if and when we need evidence of the amount of support we have – and when people feel more comfortable doing so.

3. Download the Flyer, which is a two-page, color PDF document. This is the same flyer that was linked in Action Series 1. Email it to your Scientology friends, using an alias email account if you prefer anonymity. You can also mail it to them, or simply stuff it in their residential mail boxes or place it on the windshields of their cars. (Don’t trespass or break any laws in doing this.)

The flyer looks best in color and printed as a two-sided, one-page document. If you don’t have the capability to easily do this, we recommend you download the flyer to a flash drive and take it to a nearby Kinkos-type shop. Print it as a black & white, two-page flyer, if you must. Or print this article and distribute it. The idea is to spread the word and involve others.

4. Keep stats:# of support letters out
# of flyers to Scientologists

5. Stay tuned for Action Series 4.




[3] Yingling Declaration to IRS Court, Paragraph 13, page 6. (Note: Typo in Article III caption, CBI should be CSI.)





[8] License (Marks), ¶3.a

[9] (Emphasis added) License (Marks), ¶4

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  2. Veronica says:

    All letters sent (x2). Also portions of the site cut, pasted and e-mailed to friends. Great articles!

  3. openeyes says:

    Yes, I fully agree on what is going on, departure from LRH intent. I am a french OT V, scientologist since year 1973, former Sea Org member, still on good standing with the current church. I am very concerned since the hijacking of Ideal Org Policy from LRH. The French orgs are really empty, few sale books done, no real training etc.. Most of french scientologists think that the expansion occurs outside their country. I wanted most to thank you for what you are doing and to inform the french field that some of us are aware.

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