Introducing Religious Liberty League

Religious Liberty League-01 (300 x 179)Religious Liberty League is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization. It’s original purpose was to fund the activities That purpose was later expanded to engage in its own activities and   have its own identity and presence on the Internet. will remain in place as a source of information regarding LRH Intent for the governance of Scientology organizations. It will no longer publish articles Continue reading

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Reform Letters Go Public

Jim_Jackson-276x300More than five years ago, the genesis for this website began when three long-term, Scientologist lawyers confabbed in an attempt to calm the media onslaught against the church brought on by the publication of Truth Rundown.

One of the three was Jim Jackson (pictured).

Obviously, we agreed, the allegations being slung against David Miscavige by former high-ranking Sea Org members and international executives needed to be investigated. The wrong solution was to attack the whistleblowers – their rightful label, not liars and criminals as they were being called by Church officials. Continue reading

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HBO’s Going Clear: A Missed Opportunity

Going Clear (349 x 232)First, a disclaimer. I’m biased; I’m an Alex Gibney fan. I’ve seen many of his documentaries and found them to be informative and artfully constructed. I’m also knowledgeable about the subject matter of Going Clear, and am the author of the recently published Arrows in the Dark, an insider’s view of the Scientology organization.[1]

Based on my personal investigation and almost 4o years as a member of Scientology – I was summarily excommunicated in 2012 for seeking internal reforms – 80% of the facts presented in the film are true. Scientology watchers have heard them all before, but for persons who haven’t, Gibney skillfully and convincingly reveals the violence, mental abuse, and downright tyrannical control over senior managers, staff and parishioners by the self-anointed “Pope” of Scientology, David Miscavige. Gibney also does an excellent job showing the special treatment afforded stars like John Travolta and especially Tom Cruise whose exceptionally close relationship with Miscavige is expertly captured. Continue reading

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