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arrows-cover_front_smallMerrell Vannier reveals his role as the creator and writer of this website in his newly published book, Arrows in the Dark.

For more information about the book, and to order a copy, visit: See also:

This event marks a turning point in the history of this site and its mission to reform the church and save it from self-destruction.

In his book, Merrell describes his personal journey in Scientology, from his introduction to the subject in the fall of 1972 to his current reform activities.

In between, he trained to become a professional auditor at the St. Louis church, became a volunteer for the intelligence bureau of the Guardian’s Office, practiced law, and later joined the U.S.G.O. staff in Los Angeles.

He was present when the G.O. was taken over by the Sea Org. In fact, he was asked by Mary Sue Hubbard to witness the confrontation between Bill Franks and Jane Kember, which took place in Mary Sue’s office. After the takeover, he was assigned to the Mission All Clear Unit, an autonomous entity that was responsible for overseeing all legal actions involving LRH.



In recent years, Merrell teamed with two other long-standing, dedicated Scientologist lawyers to write letters to church lawyers and officials asking them to:

Implement the corporate checks and balances LRH outlined in his estate plan;

Conduct internal investigations, independent of David Miscavige and those under his control and direction;

Refrain from attacking former high-ranking Sea Org members who have gone public with allegations of wrongdoing; and

Reinstitute LRH’s 1968 Reform Code of Scientology (i.e., repeal of disconnection, fair game, and security checking).

This website was created after more than sixty knowledge reports, letters, and other attempts to obtain reform on church lines proved futile.


We see two major WHYs accounting for the increasing loss of church membership and negative media. They are related. The first is the lack of checks and balances as called for by LRH in his estate plan. This has led to dictatorial rule and abuse of staff and church members. The second is out-tech. (For specifics, please see:

Church policy clearly assigns responsibility for any and all down statistics to church executives, not to external forces. Here are just a few LRH policy references which cover this point, courtesy of the Friends of LRH website:

“I’ve learned this over the years: The entirety of our stats are internally caused.

“WE CAN CAUSE STATS AT WILL. External actions don’t affect them.

“A newspaper can write reams of entheta and it doesn’t affect our stats at all.”

HCO P/L 18 March 1977RA
Data Series 43RA, Evaluation and Programs
(Management Series Vol. 1, p. 167)

“It has been found that the whole reason for any lack of prosperity of an org is INTERNAL.”

HCO P/L 7 March 1972R
The Establishment Officer
(Management Series Vol. 2, p. 3)

“So the ogre which might eat us up is not the government or the High Priests. It’s our possible failure to retain and practice our technology.”

HCO P/L 7 February 1965
KSW Series 1, Keeping Scientology Working
(OEC Vol. 0, p. 7)


In the days and weeks ahead we will roll out our plans for rallying Scientologists, OSA staff members, and the trustees and directors on the boards of the governing corporations (CST, RTC and CSI), and their lawyers, to wear their hats, bypass David Miscavige, and cause the necessary reform to not only survive the current media onslaught but to turn it to our advantage.

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